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Base Class Library (BCL)  
Base Class Library (BCL)
The .NET framework provides a set of base class libraries which provide functions and features which can be used with any programming language which implements .NET, such as Visual Basic, C# (or course), Visual C++, etc.
The base class library contains standard programming features such as Collections, XML, DataType definitions, IO ( for reading and writing to files), Reflection and Globalization to name a few. All of which are contained in the System namespace. As well, it contain some non-standard features such as LINQ, ADO.NET (for database interactions), drawing capabilities, forms and web support.
The below table provides a list each class of the base class library and a brief description of what they provide.
Base Class Library NamespaceBrief Description
SystemContains the fundamentals for programming such as the data types, console, match and arrays, etc.
System.CodeDomSupports the creation of code at runtime and the ability to run it.
System.CollectionsContains Lists, stacks, hashtables and dictionaries
System.ComponentModelProvides licensing, controls and type conversion capabilities
System.ConfigurationUsed for reading and writing program configuration data
System.DataIs the namespace for ADO.NET
System.DeploymentUpgrading capabilities via ClickOnce
System.DiagnosticsProvides tracing, logging, performance counters, etc. functionality
System.DirectoryServicesIs the namespace used to access the Active Directory
System.DrawingContains the GDI+ functionality for graphics support
System.EnterpriseServicesUsed when working with COM+ from .NET
System.GlobalizationSupports the localization of custom programs
System.IOProvides connection to file system and the reading and writing to data streams such as files
System.LinqInterface to LINQ providers and the execution of LINQ queries
System.Linq.ExpressionsNamespace which contains delegates and lambda expressions
System.ManagementProvides access to system information such as CPU utilization, storage space, etc.
System.MediaContains methods to play sounds
System.MessagingUsed when message queues are required within an application, superseded by WCF
System.NetProvides access to network protocols such as SSL, HTTP, SMTP and FTP
System.ReflectionAbility to read, create and invoke class information.
System.ResourcesUsed when localizing a program in relation to language support on web or form controls
System.RuntimeContains functionality which allows the management of runtime behavior.
System.SecurityProvides hashing and the ability to create custom security systems using policies and permissions.
System.ServiceProcessUsed when a windows service is required
System.TextProvides the StringBuilder class, plus regular expression capabilities
System.ThreadingContains methods to manage the creation, synchronization and pooling of program threads
System.TimersProvides the ability to raise events or take an action within a given timer period.
System.TransactionsContains methods for the management of transactions
System.WebNamespace for ASP.NET capabilities such as Web Services and browser communication.
System.Windows.FormsNamespace containing the interface into the Windows API for the creation of Windows Forms programs.
System.XmlProvides the methods for reading, writing, searching and changing XML documents and entities.
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